Orobie Passport

Orobie Passport


A passport to document the exciting journey through the natural beauty of the ring path of the Eastern Orobie that starts and arrives in Ardesio: the new initiative promoted by Vivi Ardesio, CAI Section of Bergamo, CAI Alta Valle Seriana, Visit Bergamo, Province of Bergamo and PromoSerio started in 2019 and passports are ready and have been officially presented at the Alta Quota Fair.

An important initiative resulting from the synergy of several entities that have teamed up with the aim of promoting the ring trail by inviting hikers to walk it in all its beauty, also taking advantage of the new transfer service recently activated.

The passport, printed in pocket format, will be nominal and must be collected and activated at the office of Vivi Ardesio before venturing into the wonderful Path and then collecting the relevant stamp at each stage, or at each shelter encountered.




There are seven shelters participating in the initiative:

  • Alpe Corte shelter (1415 m) – Passo i Laghi Gemelli (2139 m) – Laghi Gemelli shelter (1968 m), 730 Hm uphill, 170 Hm downhill, about 3 hours
  • Laghi Gemelli shelter (1968 m) – Fratelli Calvi shelter (2015 m), 395 Hm uphill, 280 Hm downhill, about 4 hours
  • Fratelli Calvi shelter (2015 m) – Valsecca Pass (2494 m) – Baroni al Brunone shelter (2297 m), 900 m ascent, 450 m descent, about 5 hours.
  • Baroni al Brunone shelter (2297 m) – Ol Simal (2714 m) – Merelli al Coca shelter (1892 m), 500 Hm uphill, 825 Hm downhill, about 5 and a half hours
  • Merelli al Coca shelter (1892 m) – Passo del Corno (2220 m) – Inferiore del Barbellino lake (1798 m) – Antonio Curò shelter (1895 m), 465 Hm uphill, 495 Hm downhill, about 3 and a half hours
  • Antonio Curò shelter (1895 m) – Passo della Miniera (1952 m) – Passo della Manina (1799 m) – Passo Fontanamora (2208 m) – Passo Scagnello (2076 m) – Rifugio Luigi Albani (1939 m), 1040 m above sea level of the sea, Descent 590 Hm, about 7 hours
  • Luigi Albani shelter (1939m) – Passo Scagnello (2076m) – Colle Palazzo – Ardesio (550m), 350m uphill, 1450m downhill, about 5h30.


In the passport, for each refuge, even a small space to write down the date of the passage and memories. Once the itinerary is complete, the certificate attesting the completion of the mountaineering enterprise can always be collected in the office of Vivi Ardesio.



For further information

– Percorsi Montani da Ardesio e Valcanale
– Visita il sito ufficiale dell’ Anello delle Orobie
– Per una guida interattiva del Sentiero delle Orobie visita il sito www.valseriana.eu
– Per la mappa dettagliata visita il Geoportale del CAI di Bergamo.
– Iniziativa di Investimenti Orobie Ring